Invert Sugar Syrup

Invert Sugar Syrup ' or 'Invert Syrup' as it is commonly known is an equimolecular ratio of Glucose and fructose in Aqueous Form. The product is made from cane Sugar or Cane juice . The term "Invert" originates from the effect on the polarimeter Sucrose a mixture of glucose and fruclose "inverts" the Solutions. Compared to Pure because of this the product is widely known as "Invert Syrup".

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Fast Production – means Better Productivity and Lesser Manpower.

Smooth operations - means Better Products with Better Shelf Life.

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Properties of invert sugar syrup

Crystallization Control: Invert Sugar is used to slow down and minimize the crystallization (the major problem area faced by food & beverage industry), thereby extending the shelf life of products.

Humectancy/ Moistness: Invert Sugar has a high affinity for water, for which it is used to maintain the product moisture, extending the acceptable Shelf life of the Product.

Flavour Enhancement: The Fructose in Invert Sugar syrup has a natural Affinity to fruit flavour. So it enhances the natural flavour of the products.

Water Activity Reduction/ High Osmotic Pressure: Invert Sugar increase the Osmotic Pressure much more than sucrose. Water is present but with a higher Osmotic Pressure which thus inhibits microbial growth in products increasing the shelf life.

Freezing Point Reduction: A low freezing point is important in ice cream and frozen desserts. The affinity for water for Invert Sugar prevents the formation of large ice crystals in the product like Ice Cream, Cocktails, Filling, Topping, etc.

Sweetness: Invert Sugar (50% inverted sugar) has an increased sweetness of 10% when compared to pure sugar.

Preservative Effect: Invert Sugar has a lower water activity than that of sucrose, and so can be used to give a greater preservative effect and hence increased shelf life by retaining the high quality of the product.

Cost Effectiveness: Being Ready-To-Use, it reduces operational cost as well as labour cost thereby increases productivity without compromising on the Quality.

Reaction : C12H22O11 +H2O=C6H12O6 +C6H12O6

General Specification of Invert Sugar Syrup

Note : we also manufacture products as per customer’s specific requirement .

Particulars Alcoholic Beverage Grade Bakery & Confectionary Grade Pharmaceutical Grade
Appearance Clear Transparent Syrup Clear Transparent Syrup Clear Transparent Syrup
Solubility Totally Soluble in water, glycerin & Glyclols Totally Soluble in water, glycerin & Glyclols Totally Soluble in water, glycerin & Glyclols
Total Solid % by wt. (Brix%) 74% 74-80 % 74%
Specific Gravity at 20 C 1.377 1.376 1.377
Refractive Index 1.475 1.475 1.475
pH Value 4.67 4.74 4.61
Reducing Sugar % by wt. 48.94% 50.02% 50.99%
Ash% by wt. 0.04% 0.04% 0.04%
Inversion % by wt. 66.14% 67.6-85 % 68.91%